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Strategic Market Germany

We provide tailored market entry and business development services for the German solar market.

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The features that make our consulting unique

Introduction of your vision and technology, research and strategic planning for the German market.

Market Analysis

German solar industry specifics: key players, associations, press and more.

Budget Planning

Market entry and development budget
management according to desired
outcomes and KPI's.

Case Studies

Development of early adopters and documentation as a key pillar of further market development.

Lead Generation

Be present at all major fairs and events. We provide telesales, sales partners, events and pipeline management.

Contract Negotiations

Ensure legal compliance and provide contract management from draft to signature.

Sales Management

Complete customer sales management, setting strategic priorities, drive and own the process.

Our Unique Approach

Strategic market insights coupled with best practice lead generation

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We focus on defining clear strategies from the very outset and use best practices in lead generation and case studies.

Market focused

We adapt your sales approach so that it works for the German market.

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Our main priority is finding key partnerships and networks that allow for sustainable scaling of your business model.

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It has never been easier to get started in Germany

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Contact us

Join an introductory meeting where we discuss key aims and set a follow-up plan.

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Choose a direction

After assessing feasibility we will suggest appropriate courses of action.

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Project launch

We work hand-in-hand to achieve the desired outcomes and have regular feedback meetings to make sure the project stays on course.

Solar works for everyone

Gain access to different customer groups in the German market

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For Homeowners


We have an affinity for what makes solar projects for homeowners feasible and how to scale appropriate solutions.

For Businesses

Business Customers

More and more businesses are seeking to make big changes in their energy policies, solar power is a welcome alternative for future orientated companies.

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For Government

Government Customers

Whether it is at the local or state level an
increasing number of solar projects are seeing
major approvals for government projects.

Begin your journey in the German solar market. Start today!

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